European Cooperation

Cultural Association Pro-Scenium (official representative of Teatr A – has begun it’s participation in EU fiananced project together with four partners from different parts of Europe:

  • Mercantia Festival in Italy
  • The Festival of Fools in Northern Ireland
  • Maracaibo Company in Spain
  • Tempus Fugit in Germany

The aim of the project is the exchange in artistic experience based on research on roots of popular theatre that would reconnect modern identity of theatrical expression. This actions would take a form of:

  • Historical research,
  • Creation of 3 theatrical productions between 5 partners,
  • Master training for professionals in partner countries,
  • Creation of international festival “Mysteries & Drolls” in cooperation with Festival of Fools and Mercantia Festival,
  • Start of theatrical showcase during festival days in Italy,
  • Building a network of partners in order to expand the market of popular street theatre,

Read more on the website of the project: